At GURAVE, we are in the business of building Cultures on Purpose, Alignment and Accountability.
It’s what we live for!

GURAVE PEOPLE CONSULTANCY, is a Consulting, Mentoring and Training solutions provider who believes in turning Talent into Deliverance! By helping organisations to get to know their HUMAN CAPITAL!

We help organisations decode people behavior in complex scenarios through:


We bring about change in perception “from what HUMAN CAPITAL can get from the organisations to what they can give back to their respective organisations.”

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Who are we

Gurave People Consultancy was founded in 2016 by an experienced professional in the fields of Psychology and Human Resources. With Pan-India coverage, we provide Training, Consulting and Mentoring services for people well-being and development. It has developed an excellent track record in Healthcare industry, Micro Small and Medium Enterprise(MSME) and Educational Institutions.

Focus on Your Mission
While We focus on unlocking Employee potential that drives high performance!

Devanshi Desai - Principal Consultant

Helping you put systems in place that work!

Dale Carnegie Training in partnership with NHRDN, conducted a survey in India where the three key drivers stood out as having a strongest effect on EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT:
• The relationship with Immediate Supervisor
• Belief in Senior Leadership
• Pride in Organisation
Gurave People Consultancy focuses to bring about the above THREE DRIVERS by helping organisations, teams and individuals to create ENGAGING CULTURES, which drive SUCCESS!

The “Understanding and working with Personality Types” program has been one of the most meaningful ones that I have attended .It helped me understand other people’s perspective and even before that it made me understand myself much better in a completely new light.”

Me being a newbie at the organisation, the learnings of different Personality Traits has helped me gel along very well with my colleagues by understanding them better.

Ms. Kiran Gopani

Project Head-Clinical Research, BAPS Pramukh Swami Hospital

“Developing Emotionally Intelligent Leaders” program was very interesting, informative and well-planned series of sessions for all the leaders.

Initially, there was a bit of confusion, fear and lack of acceptance but as we proceeded for the sessions, everyone started sharing their views and getting involved.

Dr. Kunal Thakkar

COO, BAPS Pramukh Swami Hospital

The one key takeaway from “Developing Emotionally Intelligent Leaders” was how to deal with people around me with EMPATHY which made a lot of impact on my team members after implementing it.

Mr. Murli Krishna

Supervisor, Meera & Ceiko Pumps Pvt Ltd.

In the present pandemic scenario, we Teachers are the most stressed humans as we juggle home and work from the confined walls of our home! “Developing Emotionally Intelligent Teachers” taught me to deal with my ANGER and STRESS efficiently, both professionally and personally.

Ms. Jyoti

HOD-Middle School, METAS Seven Day Adventist School

Relationship Management with coworkers, role of team work and of a leader in implementing effective leadership. These were my key takeaways after attending” Creating an engaging workforce”

Ms. Mansi P

HOD-Accounts Department, Meera & Ceiko Pumps Pvt. Ltd

After attending “Developing Emotionally Intelligent Leaders” program, I have learnt the most important skill in life MANAGING STRESS at any point of time both in my personal and professional life.

“Understanding and working with Personality Types” taught me to deal with different people of different mindsets at my workplace.”

Ms. Dipika Patel

H.R. Executive, BAPS Pramukh Swami Hospital