At GURAVE, we are in the business of building Cultures on Purpose, Alignment and Accountability.
It’s what we live for!

Gurave People Consultancy is a consulting company who believes in turning Talent into Deliverance! By helping organisations to get to know its employees better.

We help organisations decode people behaviour in complex scenarios through employee engagement survey’s, talent development and finally weaving talent and engagement into company culture.

We bring about change in perception “from what employees can get from organisations to what employees can give to organisations”

With our specialists, and experts at your disposal, Talent Engagement becomes easy!

Who are we

Gurave People Consultancy has been establish since 2016 by experienced professional in Human Resources (HR). We are HR Consultancy company with pan-India coverage, who have been providing consultancy services for organisation and people development.

It has developed an excellent track record in Healthcare industry, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises(MSME) and Educational Institutions.

Focus on Your Mission
While We focus on unlocking Employee potential that drives high performance!

Devanshi Desai - Managing Consultant

Helping to create engaging, productive and profitable organisations

Dale Carnegie Training in partnership with NHRDN, conducted a survey in India where the three key drivers stood out as having a strongest effect on EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT:
• The relationship with Immediate Supervisor
• Belief in Senior Leadership
• Pride in Organisation
Gurave People Consultancy focuses to bring about the above THREE DRIVERS by helping organisations, teams and individuals to create ENGAGING CULTURES, which drive SUCCESS!

It’s been a year since “Talent Engagement and development program” has
been carried out under the mentorship of Ms. Devanshi Desai for the
departmental leaders. It not only helped the departmental heads in identifying
and developing their individual team member’s strength/s, but also helped in
bringing about OWNERSHIP of theirindividual daily tasks, INTERDEPARTMENT
COLLABORATION and RESULT-ORIENTED environment throughout the

Dr. Kunal Thakkar

COO, BAPS Pramukh Swami Hospital, Surat

When I was told by my CEO, that I would have to attend a full-day workshop on “Value”. My instant thought was that I have to push myself into yet another boring workshop!
But, by the end of the day, Devanshi gave me an opportunity to rethink my goals in alignment with the organisational goals. Her spontaneity, her interactions, her casual nature made the day very interesting.

Sister Tulsi, Head, O.T.

BAPS Pramukh Swami Hospital

Devanshi’s in-depth employee engagement survey helped us immensely in making important decisions. Her “Creating an engaging workplace program” which drives employee engagement, gave a new perspective to my managers to manage their teams.

Mahesh Desai, Chairman

Meera Group, Hyderabad