Principal Consultant


Helping You Put Systems in Place that Work

Being a Masters in Human Resources and Psychology, it was always my passion to help build successful teams which essentially mean engaged and motivated employees.

GURAVE PEOPLE CONSULTANCY took birth after assimilation of twelve years of experience in Healthcare Industry and let me tell you it’s still counting!

I am to any organisation just as a car mechanic is to a car! As a PRINCIPAL CONSULTANT, I don many hats – a counselling psychologist, coach, mentor, trainer, facilitator, and above all a consultant, so as to bring about organisational development through various programs.

We at GURAVE PEOPLE CONSULTANCY believe in listening, measuring, interacting, evaluating companies and their cultures and suggesting TAILOR-MADE programs.

We work with Departmental Heads , Managers and Team Leads by adding inspiration and purpose ,who become torch-bearers for their individual teams, 24/7 , 365 days with the ultimate purpose of building STRONGER COMPANIES.