Why do you prefer one brand of ice cream more than another? Does the entire experience – from purchase to that first spoonful – make you happy? Or more importantly, does this experience keep you connected and coming back for more? The same is true for why employees choose to work (and stay) at your organization — every “ingredient” makes a difference in how your company is perceived.

Organizations that adopt creative ways to communicate their company values and culture truly stand out from the competition and create more connected, engaged companies as a result.

Have you ever stopped to wonder how many of your employees really understand your company’s purpose? What about you’re corporate values, or how you’re promoting your company culture? Just like those flavours of ice cream, the answers can be different across the board.

It’s the organisation’s duty to spread across uniform culture and consistent message, whether it’s a new-comer or a veteran of the organisation.

One of the ways to spread this message is “Value Workshops”. These are one- day workshops that are conducted across the organisation over a period of time where it encompasses everything that makes your company unique and stand out as an attractive place to work.

Put simply, “Value workshops and Value Book”, keep employees aligned to company’s mission and vision. So, finally, it’s the integration of TALENT, ENGAGEMENT AND COMPANY CULTURE!